man i just love burgers!

ever since I was a kid, burgers have always been my favorite food!

yeah so like the other day i was hanging out with my friends ashton, demi, justin, and cameron and demi was like "hey you guys, i am SO hungry! let's get something to eat!"

justin was like "hey let's go to mcdonald's - ooh, i'm lovin' it!" so we met some of our other friends there and got some burgers.

but cameron was all "hey you guys - i'm gonna go to carl's jr. and get one of those atkins-friendly low carb breakfast bowls. just egg, meat, cheese, cheese, and meat!"

but then justin said "it's good for you!" and made her eat one anyway.

after that she was still hungry though so we went to taco bell.

guess who else was there? our friends arnold, harrison, hillary, nicole, hugh, al, and j-lo!

britney and joey were there too but justin wanted to avoid them.

things got a little out of hand when britney threw her fries at cameron, so then we decided to go home.

right before we left, we ran into carmen and dave. what a cute couple!

i had so much fun eating burgers with everybody. i just love my friends!

food fight!
you're so gay
ps. monica thinks she is totally cool but she is such a BDL!!

havin' a blast!

bing bong!

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