KOOL Penguin:

Wanted and For Trade

This page is divided into two parts.  The KOOL penguin items I "want" are followed by a selection of duplicate items that I have available for "trade."


Simply put, I am looking for any KOOL penguin item that I do not already have.  Some I know of, some I don't, and some are in the "rumored to exist" category.  As you might imagine, I already have the common items, such as the salt and pepper shakers, the match tins, and the "four seasons" ashtray.  I am a willing buyer of, or trader for, the following:

Standees -- The example at left is a "die-cut" standee that I already have.  These guys are known in sizes from about 7 inches tall to as much as 20 inches or more.  "Standees" are counter-top advertising displays that have a fold-out "easel" stand on the back.  They may be die-cut or of standard rectangular shape.  I have several of both types, but there are undoubtedly others.

Subway or Bus Cards -- These are generally on stiff paper or cardboard, intended for display above the seats in a bus or subway card.  I have a couple of these.  I need others, including the one shown here.

Glass Tumblers -- A complete set of these consists of 12 different images.  Actually, there were two sets of these glasses which, at first glance, appear to be the same.  However, one variety has a relatively flat (only a slight recess) bottom.  The other variety has a deep indentation of a half-inch or more.  I still need one or two of the images from each set.  Let me know if you have any.

Carton Sleeves -- I have a few of these Holiday gift carton sleeves, including this one.  Am always looking for others.

Sunday Comic Strips -- Many of these appeared in the Sunday funnies in 1951 and 1952.  Many of them featured both "Willie" and "Millie" and some included an ad and ordering coupon for a premium such as the Willie and Millie salt and pepper shakers.

"The Penguin" --  I am particularly looking for old issues of the B&W employee magazine entitled "The Penguin," as well as photographs, stationary, and any other memorabilia that might shed light on the history of the KOOL penguin advertsing campaign.

Miscellaneous -- These are among the other items I need:

There are, no doubt, many others still undiscovered.  Please contact me if you have KOOL penguin items for sale or trade.


The following are set forth without description.  If you're a KOOL penguin collector, you know what they are.  I have duplicates of each of the illustrated items.  Please note, however, that the item pictured may not be the exact one that is available.  Also, images are not to scale.

And, for you cigarette pack collectors, I have the following "penguin packs" that are available to trade for others that I need.  Yes, the fourth one is somewhat different.  It's a little "complimentary" sample pack of 5 ciggies.

In addition to all of the above, I am always looking for any magazine ads that I don't already have.  I usually have a few duplicates of these for trade, as well.  Of course, my needs and inventory may change faster than I can change this page.  Just let me know what you have and feel free to inquire about the details of my trading material.

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