'The more I learn about these aliens, the more I come to understand what drives them, the more I hate them. I hate them for what they are and for what they may one day become. I hate them not because they hate us but because they are incapable of good, honest human hatred.'

Inquisitor Angmar


From beyond the fringes of the galactic rim a terrifying and utterly alien race known only as the Tyranids threatens to consume our galaxy and all of its inhabitants. The countless alien bio-beasts of the Tyranids swarm upon unsuspecting worlds with an implacable hunger which strips planets bare of even the most primitive nutrients. In their wake they leave nothing but cold, airless moons before moving insatiably onward toward their next prey. Formed of millions of specially -adapted bio-genetic monstrosities, the Tyranid swarm uses no technology. Instead, all of their battle gear and weapons are formed of hyper-evolved living organisms which crawl, bite, dissolve and burrow through their enemies with ease.


Controlled by the incalculably powerful psychic consciousness of the Hive Mind, drooling, slime-covered Tyranid creatures shred through enemy resistance with insect-like determination in terrifying waves of clashing teeth and clattering bony plates. From the numerous swarms of small yet utterly vicious Gaunts to the tank -shredding juggernauts known as Carnifex, these insatiable alien monsters will consume the entire Imperium if they are not stopped!