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You know what the government official really means when he tells you it's going to take a little while, maybe a day, maybe a week, and then looks at you in a kind of pleading way? You know what he really means?
Yeah, I mean, you know, ah, do you really think it could of succeeded based on it's own merit?
Wait...so you're not really a stagehand?
I think you're going to have a really good time.
That was a really good movie.
See, Dad, isn't it therapeutic to act really really childish?
Today, I have a really big surprise for my special friend!
You really...no...you didn't?
Listen, Ira, we never really did get a chance to talk, what with all the screaming and yelling.
I just wanted to chat, really.
Nothing really.
Ah, well, this is really romantic, isn't it?
Yes, but I really don't see that it's any of your business.
[tired/bored] Really.
Really, Mr. Smith! You shouldn't say things like that.
I'm sure I could really make something of your place.
You know I really appreciate what you've been doing.
I'm really pleased to see you back, mate.
Mom is really worried about you.
I really did have a good time. I really did.
It's just a check, really. That's all it is.
I hope not...I really do.
You really think we need something this big.
Yeah, John was really good.
Well, he doesn't let anything get to him, you know, he's really patient.
Mind you, she's been, working really hard...you know...with the kids and all.
Oh I really feel for him.
BOB What do you say to someone when that happens, eh?
STEVE It's not what you say, really, it's what you do!
That's all people want, really. In fact that's all they really need.
It's not that bad, not really..
I think it would be nice if we, sorted it out together and got her something really special..
I really can't think about this, I got other things on my mind.
We'd just like to know what our chances are, really.
You need to know whether you really do want a baby..
No one could give me what I really wanted.
Uh, I don't know, really, uh..I really couldn't say.
You know, something really nice...
Right, I really gotta be going.
[arms crossed] I don't believe for a minute that's how you really feel..
Don't know, wasn't really looking.
Oh--like I said, I didn't really see.
I can't really do much about it.
Oh, the same old stuff, really, you know..
It didn't really work out when I went to see her.
Really, I couldn't.
You know what really gets me?
Don't move, really. There's a big bee on your shirt!
I'm getting really worried about him, Sally.
Anyway, we don't really know what went on, do we.
Look, if he'd really wanted to see me, he would o' been in by now.
SALLY No, I can't...I really have to go...
TIM All business, aren't you?
He said he's really sorry for what happened.
Oh yeah, I'm really looking forward to that.
And then we went and bought you something really special.
They'll really be here for Christmas, then?
You'll really be in trouble, won't you?
I'm really looking forward to it tomorrow.
It'll be really nice to see you both again.
I really enjoyed myself this afternoon, you know.
It was lovely, really lovely.
Phil'll be really pleased to see you.
Quite an achievement, really, isn't it?
You know, there was one point, where,...where I really thought I was gonna die.
She's been really upset. I don't when she'll get over it.
Sometimes you can be really hurtful, you know?
I really appreciate this.
I think I've done something really stupid.
RICKY Really.
Would you be really annoyed if I was just...went home right now?
You know you really are a pain sometimes.
I really enjoyed it.
I suppose you think I'm really stupid now, don't ya?
She really enjoyed you being here today.
Your mom works really hard and she needs her sleep.
You really mean it, don't you?
I really mean it.
I'm really pleased that you feel this way.
This really scares me.
I want something gorgeous, something really expensive.
I'm really looking forward to it.
A shame it all had to end, really.
I haven't really thought about it.
RICKY I really needed the break.
SOAMES No, not really.
I'm really going to make an effort to stop smoking.
You have to make them think we're really busy.
But we are really busy!
We're fine, really!
I heard that they're both doing really well now.
I'm gonna turn this place into something really Special.
That's really great.
He's really good.
[sarcastically] Really professional.
Bit silly, really, wasn't it.
He's really gonna try, you know.
He's a bit protective of me really, isn't he.
It's been years, really..
And when I didn't show up at their wedding, well, I don't think they've ever really forgiven me for that..
I really want him to enjoy tonight.
There are a lot of reasons, really..
I think that it's time for us to admit that it's really not going anywhere? It's really time to admit that we've failed!
It's really late. I should be going.
Was Liberace really buried with his piano?
You know, I'm not really sure, but tomorrow when I'm home, I'll ask him.
I guess I'm just saying that Joe's gonna make some lucky fella really happy someday..
We really have to be more tolerant.
I could really use a strong drink.
Then, did she turn into a really cruel looking little goblin, scowl at you a little, and then fly away into the sky, never to be seen again?
Lagrassa really went whole hog for the cowboy look.
You see, the question is: Do you really want a man?
[almost convinced] Do you really mean that?
I just finished my book; I'm really proud of it.
I really appreciate it.
This is a really fantastic.
It's really getting ridiculous.
Anyway, I'm really sorry.
That's really too bad..
They're really something, aren't they.
That's really what happened.
Listen, this is really, really serious.
In a dream, are all the characters really you?
Yes I do, I really do.
I mean I ate it but I didn't really know what it was.
Now that really makes me mad.
I really feel like singing a song.
It's really nice to see you again.
It really looks like you got yourself in a fix here, huh.
Now we can really make him pay.
Well, your looking really pretty today, Cindy.
So she really doesn't know?
What I think doesn't really matter right now.
All I really wanted was for him to love me.
...and the girl at the jewelry store had these really big hands.
DONNA Really?
Clever disguise Catherine, really brilliant.
Well anyway, if you could mail it to her I'd really appreciate it.
Its simple really.
Truth is, I really don't care.
You're really serious aren't you?
This is really nice of you guys.
People try to be good, but actually they're all really sick and rotten.
So, it's really not convenient for me to talk right now.
Its really the first thing we learn, the first thing our parents teach us.
Since the contract takes effect at midnight tonight I really had no choice.