Links to Penguin Games
Penguin Bounce - Keep the penguins from falling into the water!
Online games
Penguin Panic - Catch the penguins in the boat
Tux on the Run - Help the penguin collect coins and open the gate
Snowboarding Penguin - Collect presents and avoid the trees
Ice Blox - Unfreeze the coins from the ice blocks
Count the Penguins - How many can you find?
Be a Penguin- Don't just pretend! Be a penguin.
Games to Download
Happy, the coin collecting penguin - collect coins watch out for the monsters
Penguins 2000 - rescue the penguins
Penguin Maze - help the penguin find it's way through the maze
Pinstripe the Penguin - help the penguin get dressed (sample version)
Choose your own story- tell the penguin what to do
Polar Pairs - Match the pairs
Yellow-eyed Penguin Puzzle - unscramble the penguin
Black Penguin - complete the levels without getting caught by the evil window
Penguin Puzzle - form blocks and bonus shapes to release the animals
Tux Racer - help tux collect the fish in a down hill race
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Penguin Push - Push the blocks with the penguin
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