Whats New!

This is a list of all the pages that are up, and all the ones that will be up and expanded! Later, I will turn it into the Whats New! page, but thats when I am fully done with the other pages listed.

Like the new Layout? I decided the old one was not to my liking.^_^
The Characters Link and all the links under it are all up and fully operational!

Well well... up faster that I expected! The Images link is now up! There are four pages under it, but as soon as I get more time and images, I will expand that.

The Wired link is up, and all the links in it are fully operational! YAY!

The Cyberia link is NOT up yet, but will be next to go up after the wired links go up. It will most likely be up within 2 to 3 weeks.

The Layers link is up! I have now seven of the links up, the first seven of course. The rest should be up relatively soon.! Sorry It has been so long for updates. I will be putting a new site up soon, so I will prolly be working on this one again soon. ogg.... sooo hard to do this...

This link is up, and there are no links inside of it, so there will not be anymore updates to it.