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Lets talk about drilling and riveting technique. Below you see a couple of Rivet gauges and 3 drill stops




If you don't have a set of drill stops...get  them! If you don't you will damage the opposite side (inside) of any tubing you drill. Don't be tempted to drill into tubing without them. Most aircraft tubing is very thin. Here in the above pic I am drilling thru .035 x 5/16thOD tubing with a #30 bit. There is no way I could stop the drill after in goes thru without hitting the other side. Maybe you could on 1 hole, but after fortyleven zillion way! If you don't think it will hurt, then try this...Rev your drill up to full speed and poke it into a piece of scrap...Put the same effort into it as you imagine would be if you just went thru a hole and smacked the other side...pretty hard! Then look at the scratch. If you used  .035 scrap I bet you will find a jagged scratch half way thru! This is the beginning of a crack. Also, you wont break bits when you drill thru tubing and hit the other inside wall off center, or hit a rivet that has been set.

 Here is a Rivet gauge inserted into the hole and if you could read the scale, you would read the grip length needed. Also they are handy for checking what the grip length is of all those rivets you have laying around loose on the bench, that have somehow gotten out of their sack, can, tray, or whatever you use to keep them in.

Now here is the nose of the rivet puller, with a rivet installed ready to set. Make sure you have the rivet straight and flush, because it WILL set at an angle if you don't, then the "Head" or "Flange" of the rivet will not be seated evenly all around, and in no time, the rivet will become loose. A Pneumatic rivet gun is almost a must here, because of your ability to keep it straight and then just squeeze the trigger, before anything gets miss-aligned. Yes, you can set rivets with  manual squeeze rivet puller, but it is so easy to get them miss-aligned while you are squeezing, particularly after several zillion hard pulling stainless steel aircraft grade rivets!