Jesus Give Me Wheels
Jesus Give Me Wheels
Sung to the tune of Jesus Take the Wheel

She was writing as she was watching Ken Copeland on TBN
A check for money only in the Spirit realm.
Hoping and declaring things with her mouth
Five hundred dollars, with no milk for her baby, and her old car in the shop
Her faith was strong …
She claimed a lot, knew God wouldn’t let her down
She was going to start a six day fast
Benny Hinn came on next, blowing at the audience
She fell down, her life before her eyes,
She wrote another check,
She was so full of faith,
She threw her hands up in the air,

“Jesus give me wheels
Put it in my hands
I want to drive it home
While not holding on
The steering wheel
Just gimme the chance
Get me on the road
Jesus give me wheels”

She was getting poorer as she sent more money
And the banks froze her checking account
She cried, wiped the tears from her eyes realizing no more green
And for the hundredth time for a long time
She confessed, “A car is what I need
It can be a Ford or a Chevy,
But I’d prefer Porsche or Lexus
With a full tank of gas
Starting tonight,

Jesus give me wheels
Put it in my hands
I’m confessing with my mouth
And declaring a Hummer 2
by faith, filled with gasoline
To put me on the road
To put me on the road I walk
Jesus give me wheels

Oh, I’m not doubting it
My faith is strong,
Believing for the car I need
Deserve it cause I’m a child-god of the King
I’ll be on the road soon,
Jesus give me wheels
Oh give it to me, give it to me, I call it done
Ooooooh, soooooon! Sooooon!