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Christian Marriage & Family Ministry


Christian Marriage & Family is a ministry for Godly based marriage and family. It is our deepest desire to encourage you in your walk with Jesus Christ and His presence in your marriage, family and home life!

Every marriage and every family is a true gift from God! Each one is special in it's own unique way of loving and caring for one another. It's what we do with our gift that will make the difference in your life today! Cherish each other in your marriage.....Love each other as Christ also loved His Church! If you choose to love your spouse the same way Jesus loves him or her, your life will never be the same! You will experience true joy in marriage that will shower your family in God's precious love!

1997-2002 CMF Ministry
Jeff & Sandy Osborn
All rights reserved.

Note: Bible Scripture throughout these pages are linked to the King James Version (unless otherwise noted) online Bible courtesy of Bible Browser. Should you wish to view the scripture online, a new browser will open up for your viewing!

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