The Philosophy of Chaos and Order

This Philosopy is based upon the ideal of Balance between the forces of Chaos and order. The symbols of this Balance are many, like the YinYang symbol on the Korean Flag or the entwined serpents used as a symbol of medicine. Each of the two forces of Chaos and Order has three principles. Chaos underlies the principles of Tolerance, Enthusiasm and Emotion, while Order gives rise to Ethicality, Discipline and Logic. When in balance with each other, these principles combine to produce the three united principles of Balance: Harmony, Dedication and Rationality. Tolerance and Ethicality formed Harmony, Enthusiasm and Discipline formed Dedication, an Emotion and Logic formed Rationality. To achieve these ideals, you must keep the forces of chaos and order in Balance.

The Main Principles

Chaos:Total randomness, nothing is predetermined, everything can happend. Chaothic people are impulsive and aggressive.

Order:Everything goes by the rules, everything can be determined years before it happens, because nothing should go wrong with total order. Total order is plain and boring, and Orderly people are often boring, dour, and controlled.

Balance:Everything is just fine. A Balanced person knows when to follow rules, and when he should not. He is a good judge of things, and he is able to stretch the rules a little.

The Priciples of Chaos

Tolerance:The ability to accept all things.

Ethusiasm:The ability (and energy) to accomplish great tasks.

Emotion:The ability to perceive those feeling which come from the heart and not the mind.

The Principles of Order

Ethicality:The ability to abide by the rules, both written and unwritten

Discipline:The ability to finish what one has begun without being swayed or distracted.

Logic:The ability to think clearly and reason to a conclusion witout emotional bias.

The principles of Balance

Harmony:The ability to be at peace with self and the world.

Dedication:The ability to overcome obstacles and lead others.

Rationality:The ability to understand life and the world.


If the forces of Chaos and Order are put in unbalance, the strange thing happends. The good principles of Chaos and Order turns into evil:

Anarchy:A Anarchy where there are no rules and everything is allowed, is a result of Tolerance without Ethicality.

Prejudice:A Egoistical, evil person with no respect for others are a result of Ethicality with no Tolerance.

Wantoness:The deed of doing things for no reason whatsoever are a result of Enthusiasm without Discipline.

Apathy:A Disciplined person does nothing because of lack of energy, because all his Enthusiasm is gone.

Insanity:The result of persons with too many bad emotions, and no Logic at all to control them.

Ruthlessness:A person with a "Heart of Stone", with no emotions and conscience at all, becomes Ruthlessly evil as he is conrolled by his vile Logic.

You may see, that as Chaos without Order is dangerous, Order without Chaos is equally deadly.

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