Bong Cabinet
Welcome,this web site is devoted to my custom made bong cabinet,custom made by me. I had to build the cabinet and rebuild my collection of pipes and bongs,thank's to my local police dept.Click on the picture for a larger one.Well I hope you enjoy my pictures.If you have been here before I have added a few new pieces and a few new additions to my bong cabinet.I have a guest book on the bottom of the page sign it to let me know what you think or hit the doobie on the bottom of the page to email me.I just added a recipe for some KILLER pot cookies,and a page with more pictures of my collection.Also check out my gif and link page.......Peace out. Hey all my fellow stoners some of my pieces are for sale email me a
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Closed nobody's the wiser
Now with the blacklite turned on.
Once open you don't know where to look first.
On this side I have a Jah Creations,Hooka Brothers hooka,3 hose all glass hooka,a Super Binger, you can see my 2 ft Zong. A sidecar bubbler, sherlock hammer and some of my spoons also I just started a rolling paper collection.
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Alcohol  excluding crime/accidents..125.000+
Drug overdose (prescription).......24,000-27,000
  Drug overdose (illegal).....3,800-5,200
0 not fuckin 1
Yearly deaths
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   Pipe pictures
   Killer pot cookies
Now on this side is my Jerome Baker and another Jah Creations,Which won Hight Times bong of the month 10/03,my 2 ft Zong some more hand pipes, grinder, papers also my extra slides and pokers.
The bong in this one is my Super binger and inside my tiled draw my digital scale and pile of lighters.
Bong pictures
More pictures
Bud pictures
Pieces that have not made it R.I.P.
People have seen my kick ass bong cabinet
This was our tiki bar, the fucking town made our landload take it down.It was bad ass. Fuckin permits.
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