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Hi... I'm Laurie, otherwise known as... Artist_etc., Ltl_Amazon, as well as other monikers!!

I signed up way back on August 21, 1999...; I have been slowly moving in over the last few years.

Still, I hope you can please be patient, come back and considering visiting me again!

The description of these pages include:

1. Stories of my life & interests,

2. Lesbian & Gay pride, along with...

3. Some of my art, poetry, lyrics & performance photos, etc.

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My Other Pages Here & Elsewhere!

First, Here's A Series Of Questions For All Artists...

Next - My Art Herstory!
(Still Under Construction!)

Examples Of Some Of My Artwork Are Here!

Some Of My Photography

Some Special

Other Personal Herstory, etc.!


Please come back soon and visit again.

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