Welcome To Our Home

This is our little girl, Dee. Isn't she cute

You can follow her through the rooms of our home by clicking on the door, windows, the birdhouse, trees, and sun/cloud. Dee will need some help along the way, she's very young. If you help her, she will reward you with a smile and a prize for your home page. Dee left her favorite toys laying around the house and yard, if you would like to play with them, give them a click and see what happens! Need a hint? (Mr Potato Head, Lite Brite, Crayons, Disney Card Game, Magna Doodle, dollhouse ;-)) We hope you and Dee have fun together!

Oh, Dee just whispered that she loves it when our visitors sign her baby book, would you mind? ;-)

EF Award of Excellence

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This The Hunted Treasure Ring site is owned by Dee.

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This Rugrats Lovers site is owned by Dee.

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