Abductions and Birth Memories:

Al Lawson's Corner

Thesis: Alien abductions are archetypal fantasies involving belief or deception, in which the subject's birth memories play a central role.

The articles incorporating this view are written by Alvin H. Lawson, Ph.D. Lawson has been an active CE3 researcher since 1973. He taught a class in UFO literature at CSU, Long Beach for ten years, and worked with hypnotist W. C. McCall, M.D., on more than 100 hypnotic regressions of "abductees" and related CE3 subjects. The Imaginary Abductee study was an early Lawson-McCall collaboration (see "Hypnosis of Imaginary Abductees" below, for discussion and four Imaginary transcripts).

Lawson takes on the advocates of the ET hypothesis (the "ET-True-Believers") concerning claims of abduction by aliens, makes some telling points against these claims, and presents his counter theory, the Birth Memories Hypothesis. The opinions expressed are those of the author, and Lawson claims copyright over his original material. (E-mail: zerobone@bigfoot.com)



Hypnosis of Imaginary CE3 Abductees: History, Transcripts, and Analysis (1997) Part 1 (Background)

Hypnosis of Imaginary CE3 Abductees Part 2 (Discussion)

Hypnosis ... Part 3 (Transcript of Imaginary S#1 RM)

Hypnosis ... Part 4 (Transcript of Imaginary S#2 JM)

Hypnosis ... Part 5 (Transcript of Imaginary S#3 EJ)

Hypnosis ... Part 6 (Transcript of Imaginary S#4 RY)


The Birth Memories Hypothesis (1999), Part 1: A Testable Theory


'Alien' Roots: Six CE3 Entity Types and Their Earthly Ancestors (2000)]


Placental Guitars, Umbilical Mikes, and the Maternal Rock-Beat: Birth Fantasies and Rock Music Videos (1994) -- Part 1

Birth Fantasies and Rock Music Videos -- Part 2

Kuhn's-age Changes (1997)

True Believers and Biased ETH Research: The FFUFORI/Hopkins "Final Report" on Abductees (1992)

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