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HELLO! Come On IN! I am always OPEN for business. Actually, this is a place to sit back and relax with your coffee made your way or lemonade or your favorite drink and enjoy the links. Hope you like what you see and will stay awhile. Please note that the background is coffee beans. Feel free to sign my Guestbook. I would enjoy ANY comments that you may have about your stay here. And if you have a problem loading this page OR if you can't get the music to play, just hit your RELOAD or REFRESH button. The Midi's theme this week feature: a general collection of favorites. Please NOTE: If at anytime you DON'T want to listen to my music on ANY PAGE just click the silver button underneath the Title at the top of each page, OR just turn YOUR volume down or off. Thanks!
JOKE-OF-THE-WEEK: (What did one eye say to the other eye?)
(See bottom of page for the Answer)

Everyone has a FAVORITE coffee cup. What's yours?

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I hope you have enjoyed your stay and will come back for more. There is ALWAYS a fresh pot of coffee brewing and a tune playing. Don't forget to sign my Guestbook or E-Mail me if you have time. ALSO: Leave a JOKE in my Guestbook or E-Mail and I MAY feature it on my page.

The Answer to the JOKE-OF-THE-WEEK is: (Between you and me, something smells.)
HaHaHa! Get it?! Hope you enjoyed it.

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