Pagan Altars

An altar is a place of centering. In most circles,
it is both the place of origin and completion. It is the "place"
in the physical world where magickal workings are set into motion.

The personal altar, such as one in the bedroom or some other corner of the house most likely will turn out to be a reflection of its' owner. I have looked at my altar many times and have been able to see things about my personal life that I really hadn't considered. My altar can get cluttered sometimes, and I realize that my life gets that way also: with perhaps too many mental projects that draw my attention away from what I need to be focusing upon.

I have found that as the wheel turns (time passing), the personal altar collects energies. These energies can flash at you as you pass by the you leave the room. If you place items that remind you of pleasant things upon your altar, those energies can travel with you.

The altar is also a place of transformation, and even transportation ! It is a vehicle of our will. What is

done at the altar sets the mind into motion.

The effect upon the mind of one who positions themself at an altar is that of 'opening-up.' The goal is to a-l-t-E-r the consciousness, and connect with the goddess and god. Receptivity follows projection. Through working with many forms of deity, I have found that often: the only way to the goddess is through the god. Think of it as the physical work being projective (god), and the returning energy recepted (goddess). It is an experience that pagans call "in-between the worlds."

Here are some pictures of a few pagan altars
outdoor altar ominous/mysterious personal altar a bedroom altar

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