The mew-sic you are hearing is "My Way" by Usher, who is one of my meowmie's fafurrite singers.

Bigfoot's Second home on the Web!

I am happy to announce that Tabby and I were wed-winked on August 1, 1998 at the CLAW Rainbow Chapel.

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Welcome to my new page. As you may already know, I've run out of room on my page in the humans' web site. Now, thanks to the generosity of the folks at Geocities, I have a new page all my own!
For those of you who have not met me before, you can visit Bigfoot's Page
My human Maurice, Cheryl's husband, is holding me in this picture.
Click here for my new awards page.

Click here for the continuation of my other page.

As you can see, my meowmie likes "The Pink Panther". She found this and several other nice graphics at Kiki's Page

October 14, 1998
I've been named Cat of The Day for Saturday, October 17
Here's my new cyberkitty. His name is Magic. I found him at the Adoption Center at CLAW

March 14, 1999
My meowmie FINALLY learned how to make mewsic play when the page opens!

May 17, 1999
My Meowmie found something furry special she'd like to share with mew. Hope mew like it!

June 28, 1999

Good Mews!

My Meowmie got me a job!

Take a look at my employee I.D. card below!

If only it were a paid position!

Just kidding...I enjoy volunteer work, too.

Meowmie also wants to find something fur me to do at CLAW.

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